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Points2Shop. How Do You Maximize Your Earnings With GPT Sites?

If you do a quick search online, I am sure you have seen plenty of GPT (get paid to) websites. Making money on these sites can be tedious sometimes. If done correctly, however, you can make a decent amount of money on the side.

When you first join Points2Shop, the number of options you have to earn may seem overwhelming. As a result, many users quit before even giving it a chance. As someone who has made 100s on this site, I can say that this is a mistake.

Below I will give a ranking on how I earned most of my money on Points2Shop:

1. As soon as you create an account, download the Points2Shop mobile app. That is where I made most of my earnings.

Find the offers that ask you to download mobile apps. Most of them only ask that you open the app. You can look through them and download as many as you like. The vast majority of the apps are free to download.

All you have to do then is open the apps. After a slight delay, all the points you've earned will show up on Points2Shop.

2. Sign up for the free trials. Free trials can be highly profitable but there is a catch. You have to enter your credit card information to sign up for them. As long as you cancel the trials before they finish, they won't charge you.

As long as you can remember to cancel your trials, these offers pay very well. Each of these offers pays a few dollars or more.

3. Watch videos. By far, this is the easiest way to earn money on Points2shop. The pay for watching videos is lower than other offers on the site, but it adds up fast. Just kick your feet back, watch some TV and have videos playing.

4. Complete surveys. Most people on Points2Shop earn money this way. As long as you don't mind pre-qualifiers and possibly getting denied, these may work for you. The pay for surveys ranges from 0.50 all the way to $5 for some. Qualifying for them is the tricky part.

There are plenty more ways to earn money on this site and no daily limitations. They also offer an in-site chat with a community full of fun people to talk to as you complete offers.

You can also head over to the Points2Shop in-site forum where people share prizes they've won and the money they've earned. It is for these reasons that Points2Shop is by far my FAVORITE GPT website.

03/08/19 Edit: Due to changes in app store policies, you can no longer earn points by downloading apps. However, they have an offer allowing you to download P2S chrome browser extension. If you download the extension and link your account, you can earn a 20% bonus for all surveys! This is paid out monthly in cash. 

You can sign up below!

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