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Top 5 Ways To Get Free (Or Discounted) Items On Amazon For Reviews

Yes, you read that right. There are in fact ways to get free (or deeply discounted) items on Amazon by doing reviews.

Why would sellers give out their products for free? 

The online market place is full of thousands of similar products. New businesses have a hard time selling their products without an established history of customer reviews.

Subsequently, they incentivize (you) the customer, to try out and review THEIR product with free or discounted prices. You get the product for free or close to nothing, and the business establishes their legitimacy and their sales go up. A win-win for both customer and consumer!

Where can I get these free or discounted products on Amazon?

There are many networks which offer tons of free or discounted amazon products. Below I will list my top choices.

1. Vipon

Vipon is one of the largest Amazon deals sites on the market. It is also one of the easiest at getting product discounts with little to no restriction.

Vipon makes it easier than most sites to get product discounts. They offer pages of products where you can instantly receive amazon coupons for 50% off or more.

Some of their "hot deals" run out fast so you should check back regularly. However, if you miss out on a deal, Vipon is frequently refreshing their products to bring you more options.

One of the best things I like about their site is the ability to find "instant deals." With instant deals, you don't have to wait for sellers to approve your product requests. Instead, you can request your Amazon discount codes immediately.

2. Snagshout

Snagshout is another popular Amazon deals site. They offer hundreds of new deals to their website every day.

The system is a bit different at Snagshout. They give you a limited amount of "snags" at a time, making it difficult to get multiple Amazon deals at once.

As you leave reviews on products, your snag limit will grow which will allow you to access more Amazon discounts at a time.

3. JumpSend

What makes JumpSend unique amongst websites that offer Amazon products at free or discount prices is their seamless categorization and item search preferences.

Most of the Amazon discount websites you come across will show you a page of the most popular discounted or free items at the time. The JumpSend website makes it easy to sort the products into categories you want to see.

The only drawback to JumpSend is that most of the offers aren't instant offers. You must request the product discount from the seller. JumpSend starts you off with a ten offer limit and eventually increases the limit to 40.

As long as you follow through with quality reviews, you shouldn't have a problem scoring free Amazon products regularly.


AMZRC is one of the cheaper options for Amazon businesses to establish product sales. As a result, they offer one of the widest varieties of discounted amazon deals.

The only drawback to their site is the clunky user interface. The website tends to run a bit slow at times. The content on the page also doesn't seem to be formatted the best.

If you can look past the site navigation, there are plenty of great deals. Sellers seem to be a bit more liberal with discount code requests on their site, so don't be shy to send out as many as you like.

5. Elite Deal Club

You won't find as many products discounts and offers at Elite Deals Club. However, the deals they do have tend to be very solid Amazon discounts compared to most sites.

Their website makes it very easy to "snag"  Amazon product discount codes. The only drawback is that you can only snag one deal every 6 hours. However, their limited number of products usually means that this isn't a problem.


Things to note:

Amazon made a policy change disallowing products in exchange for reviews. All this means is that these websites can no longer "require" you to leave reviews once you have the product. You will likely read this disclaimer on each of the sites mentioned.

However, leaving a review is "highly encouraged." None of these websites will ban you for not writing a review. Sellers, however, may stop approving your product requests if your account has no past reviews.

What this boils down to is that if you intend to receive many free or discounted products on Amazon in the future, it is in your own best interest to leave reviews.

Do you know of any other great websites that you use to receive Amazon products for free or at a discount?
Please comment below!  

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