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7 Sites That Pay You To Test Websites And Apps

Since writing my last article about how to become a user tester, a lot of people have asked me if there was a way to qualify for more tests. With most of these tester websites, the more tests you complete and the higher your rating, the more tests you will receive.

Another easy fix is to sign up for more testing websites. Although I believe UserTesting is one of the top sites, there is no reason you can't perform tests across multiple testing platforms. If done correctly and efficiently, some even reported earning a part or full-time income by doing this.

Here is the list of my top choices as well as a short overview of things you can expect

1. UserTesting  Most of you reading this have probably already joined this site (or applied). If not, I highly recommend giving this site a chance. Since I started getting paid to test website and apps, this website has given me my highest earnings to date.
To sign up and start receiving tests, you have to complete a practice test and wait for…

Gain.GG Review: Get Paid To Complete Tasks. No minimums. Earn Cash or Crypto Currency!

Gain. Review by TheBrokeMansBlog:
Gain.GG is a new website on the market that pays you to complete tasks and surveys. Much like many other get paid to (or GPT) sites, Gain.GG provides you access to these websites via offer walls. These offer walls contain links to trusted partner offers that you can complete. Once you complete an offer, you earn an advertised number of coins.
1000 coins = $1.00

They have many ways to earn on their site with popular offer walls like Offertoro and Adsend which are popular and well trusted paid offer websites.
What makes Gain.GG different? They offer a no minimum cash out option.
Yes, you read that right. You can withdraw earnings as little as $0.01 (or 10 coins) on their website. To prevent new members from abusing this, you must earn at least $0.20 (or 200 coins) before you cash out for the first time. After that, you can cash out as often as you like.

In addition to PayPal, they offer cryptocurrency cash out options.
You can withdraw your earnings for …